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Frequently asked questions

- How should I dress?
Casual clothing is accepted; you should come in the way you feel most comfortable

- Can I choose my seating arrangement?
The boat has a panoramic view so all seats are well situated. However if you wish to choose a specific seat, here is a little tip, be the first onboard!

- Are the tables individual?
We have all types of round and rectangular tables that seat 2, 4, 6, 8 persons.

- Is there a vegetarian menu available?
Yes, just let us know when making a reservation

- Why are your prices cheaper than other boats?

  • We work in numbers
  • Our small structure (10 employees) lightens our fixed overheads and therefore the price to our customers
  • Thanks to the quality of our work (and by word of mouth) we do not need to advertise, which is expensive and
  • would add to the cost of the cruise.
  • Our strategic determination to differentiate, places us in a different price range on the River Seine market.
  • A non-existing company dept with linear company growth since the creation of the formula

Can your boat be privatised?
No our formula is public.

Don't hesitate to contact us on:
+33 1 46 21 48 15 or directly online.